BookTrailers: Watched Any Good Books Lately?

popcorn.pngBook trailers are NOT book reports. Similar to movie trailers, video book trailers are short, minute and a half to two-minute videos that introduce the basic storyline that arouses your audience interest to read THAT book. Engage students in the artful video advertisement or PSA of a book with techniques and creative decisions being made by the director that tells enough to interest but not to spoil the plot. Merging the technology and literacy of books with the art of digital communication is an engaging adventure for students – explore resources, ideas for other NOT-book-report-projects, digital tools, and processes for starting your own book club theater!

Learning Objectives

BookTrailers can use many different media while still meeting the purpose of literacy MEETS technology with rigor and relevance. This topic can be as a one (1) day workshops for understanding or be extended 2-3 days for hands-on crafting your own book trailers while learning processes, digital tools and assessment. An Artist-in-Residence Program is also available.

  1. What is the difference between book reports and book trailers?
  2. What elements would be needed to guide students to develop content in a book trailer?
  3. What content-building steps would guide students to develop rigor in their narratives?
  4. What media-making steps would guide students to create effective craftsmanship?