Voila! The Craftsmanship of Engagingly H.O.T. Podcasts

Become wizards at organizing and coaching content-based, student-managed podcasts that grab attention, mesmerize audiences with meaningful, H.O.T. content, and then make them very, very sorry that it ended. Enjoy learning the principals, grammar and fluency of the medium for podcasting. Participants will experience designing rigorous content, developing a radio-like structure and hands-on technical skills for voice-recordings with sound and image mixing. Assessment tools for student work provided.

Learning Objectives

Podcasting projects need to be organized for content standards to purposefully MEET technology tools with rigor and relevance. This topic can be as a one (1) day workshops for understanding or be extended 2-3 days for hands-on crafting your own podcasts while learning processes, digital tools and assessment. An Artist-in-Residence Program is also available.

  1. What is a podcast?
  2. What elements make podcasts powerful and attention grabbing? or boring?
  3. What are curriculum connections supporting student-managed podcasts?
  4. What tools, processes and procedures are needed to produce exemplar podcasts?
  5. What are twenty (20) innovative models for educational podcasts?
  6. What are stagers, sweeps, and bumpers?
  7. How are segments developed?
  8. What processes are needed to coach "performing" voiceovers?
  9. What content-building steps would guide students to develop rigor in their narratives?
  10. What media-making steps would guide students to create effective craftsmanship?