The Power and Impact of StoryTelling

"There’s more proof of storytelling's effectiveness than just anecdotal evidence. For example, studies carried out by Melanie C. Green and Timothy C. Brock at Ohio State University have empirically shown that people’s beliefs can be swayed more effectively through storytelling than through logical arguments.

Maybe it’s because we’re all so overloaded with information. Maybe it’s because we’re all so starved for meaning. Whatever the reason, we’re all getting the same memo at the same time: if you want to be heard, you’d better learn to tell better stories.” ~ Jonah Sacs, author of Winning the Story Wars.


Reading and writing powerful stories is becoming an urgent skill in a media-saturated world. Storytelling is a toolkit for getting information into the heads of strangers in a form that is retained and acted upon. Let's master and use storytelling to elevate our immediate learning results, student-created media products along with creating opportunities for students to master the art of storytelling as a career-enhancing skill. Interesting factoid: 34,743 jobs in Kansas City alone are dependent on storytelling. Expected to Grow 15.2% by 2022. [Source: Click Here]