In-Residence Onsite Learning Adventures

BJ_shiloh_photo.jpgBernajean – author and enthusiastic promoter of ANYTHING that increases joyful learning is now offering In-Residence Learning Adventures.

Residencies bring unique and powerful opportunities for your students and staff while learning-in-motion together with a professional, experienced digital educator. Each onsite experience launches tasks for learning new media communication literacies. This in-residence learning experience is less about mastering technical skills than about being able to design and communicate information beyond words. Learners practice the artful use of sound, images, transitions and special effects in ways that dance ideas together into illuminated understandings. Each group of authors is immersed in learning the steps, processes and technical skills through crafting their own authentic media product via a story prompt or performance task.

Expect a flexible, interactive, hands-on style tailored to meeting learners, curriculum and school staff at their readiness and learning styles. The special focus on understanding the grammar and fluency of each medium selected for learning tasks purposefully develops digital communication skills focused on increasing impact and influence power NOT just using the technologies. There are not enough bells and whistles to decorate up thin thinking. Student authors will be guided to be meaning-makers FIRST then focusing on becoming exemplar media-makers of products demonstrating rigor, relevance and craftsmanship of communication.

Every residency culminates with a “show time” of participants’ digital productions in a finale "concert setting." When parents, friends, and classmates gather for celebrations, inspiring memories are created for all.

Bernajean’s learning environments are paced to enable participants to master skills, processes and the craftsmanship now needed in creating ALL kinds of exemplar multi-media products. The In-Residence experience is designed to build capacity for adult and student participants to continue applying concepts learned during their learning adventure while becoming exemplar media-makers in a digital age.

Planning, Learning and Working Projects TogetherVermont collage 2.png

Bernajean works in concert with designated grade-or content area teachers to shape and map projects with outcomes that challenge and motivate students. Teachers experience practical classroom strategies as real-time staff development designed to deliver visible successes and skills for their students. Learning designated digital tools along with 21st Century communication processes will be experienced as “just-in-time” or real-time learning within context of student work. Managing self-directed learning spaces will also be modeled. Processes to coach every author’s media product into a zone of excellence will be practiced. An option for possible Skype events or Webinars with participants prior or post onsite will be offered as needed.

Digital Tools ~ TBD with Onsite Team

Duration ~ One (1) to Four (4) Weeks Onsite

~ Duration will be based on how many groups / projects will be engaged and how the time for learning tasks will be distributed within a school day/week. Topics and length of time onsite are customized for desired deliverables. Each group will pace their own learning experience creating a plan using the following time estimates.

• Student Time-on-Task [TBD] ~ Content Meaning Making + Media Making SkillsKids and Teachers wrking.png
• Teacher PD Time Onsite [12+hrs] ~ Mini-lessons and Debriefings

Suggested Topics

  • Beyond Words ~ Assessing Content and Craftsmanship of Media-based Products
  • The Art and Soul of Digital Storytelling: Personal or Community
  • I-imagine: Taking MY Place in the World ~ Vision Videos of Students Shining their Light in the World for Good
  • Visual Storytelling and Essays
  • Shazzam ~ The Art of Graphic Novels
  • Book Trailers ~ Have You Watched a Good Book Lately?
  • Green Screen Table Top Puppetry ~ Immersive StoryTelling
  • Docu-Dramas ~ Making Facts Come ALIVE!
  • Turning UP the H.E.A.T. [Higher Order Thinking] ~ Designing Rigor and Relevance in Learning Tasks / Digital Products
  • Creating 3D Immersive StoryWorlds ~ Participatory Storytelling in Virtual Worlds