Beyond Words ~ The Important Book

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Prepare to immerse in the creativity and delight of original media-making incorporating the infamous reading pattern from Margaret Wise's The Important Book. Combining original artwork, photo images along with text and voice narrations makes Pixie3 the perfect canvas for creativity, learning, thinking and and representing deep understandings through digital communication. Pixie offers individual as well as collaborative project groups to develop multi-media representation and demonstration of learning. Beginning with a "transforming" learning task demanding rigor and relevance, participants will gain technical skills using Pixie software within a plethora of curriculum connections for learning styles, content areas and grade levels. Pixie training is less about mastering the technical components than experiencing dancing images, sound, and voice into illuminated understandings as a product that exports as slideshows, podcasts, movies, PDF documents, and webpages. Let the fun begin!

Creativity, Novelty and Thinking Skills a la The Important Book

Our goal is not to "DO" technology or develop amusing, entertaining digital recess projects. We want to tap into creativity while engaging rigor and relevance that will deliver visible ROL's - Return-On-Learning - tasks worth the effort and worth the resources in adding value to the results we want for our students.


The Important Book, written by Margaret Wise Brown, provides a very specific writing pattern that even the youngest of writers can imitate but also useful for older students. Requiring these types of patterns for writing tasks provides safety for all students, and when students feel safe, they can explore things (like details in writing) with less anxiety. Expect rich vocabulary - details that "show not tell" and meaningful reflection on the essence of the item being described. Teaching Children Philosophy a la Important Book Below is the pattern - enjoy the variety - enjoy the media connections of images and voice to deepen the experience of the author's creation! Choose to introduce yourself, a hero, a science concept, a family member, a literature or historic character or any object of your choice and follow the pattern. Choose rich words - and descriptions that enlighten the "essence" of your choice for others.

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Curriculum Connections a la Important Book

  • Connect to Writing's SIX TRAITS ~ The focus trait in this writing assignment is idea development; the writer's goal is to compose and prioritize memorable details as they write about their chosen or assigned topic. The support trait in this assignment is organization; students create paragraphs about topics while writing to this prompt, and both linking introductions to conclusions and sequencing can be discussed to build better organizational skills.

  • Use Pattern as a Strategy for ASSESSING FOR LEARNING ~ This prompt has students learn and toy with the book's pattern. Students can use The Important Book's simple pattern throughout a school year, applying it to things they've learned in any content area as a way of focusing reflections - summarizing understandings.