The Road NOT Taken by Robert Frost

When a digital story is finished it should be remembered for its soul,
not the bells and whistles of the technology tools. (Bernajean Porter, 2004)

Robert Frost Media-Making Task

Review the StoryPrompt Task below. Please take time to ponder Frost's poem, what does it mean to YOU! Begin considering designing ideas, reflect on the a possible personal connection, and peruse the resource link below with the poem and other reader comments BEFORE joining us for the artistic experience of crafting an exemplar communication with technology tools.

Poems can be read and enjoyed at three general levels:

1) Literally- enjoying the words, phrases or thoughts as presented
2) Analysis - an interpretation of what is the meaning of the poet's message? connotations? mood? theme?
3) Insights - a personal response of the poem's meaning that touches your own life, beliefs or expands understandings in your world.

  • An example of Visual Storytelling ONLY for Frost [Click Here]
  • Robert Frost's Poem [Click Here]
  • Tips on Interpreting Poems [Click Here]

Creative Ideas to Consider

  • Modernize the poem with present day images and music
  • Find a metaphor that unites the ideas expressed
  • Choose a historical or political event to use as a parallel story with the poem

Beyond Words Frost TASK -